InfraRed for deploying OpenStack

Jueves 23 de febrero de 2017
InfraRed is tool that allows to install/provision OpenStack. You can find the documentation for the project at Also, developers and users are online in FreeNode at #infrared channel. Why InfraRed? Deploying OSP with OSP-d (TripleO) requires several setup steps (...)

Getting started with Ansible

Lunes 20 de febrero de 2017
I've started to get familiar with Ansible because, apart of getting more and more accepted for OSP-related tasks and installation, I wanted to automate some tasks we needed to setup some servers for the OpenStack group I work for. First of all, it's recommended to get latest version of ansible (...)

Unit testing for stampy

Sábado 5 de noviembre de 2016
Since my prior post on Contributing to OpenStack, I liked the idea of using some automated tests to validate functionality and specifically, the corner cases that could arise when playing with the code. Most of the errors fixed so far on stampy, were related with some pieces of the code not (...)

Contributing to OpenStack

Jueves 21 de julio de 2016
Contributing to an opensource project might take some time at the beginning, the good thing with OpenStack is that there are lot of guides on how to start and collaborate. What I did is to look for a bug in the project tagged as low-hanging-fruit, this allows to browse a large list of bugs (...)

New blog rendering engine: Pelican

Viernes 3 de junio de 2016
As always, I don't usually find myself keen to write about things I do, until I later realize they might be helpful for others, and that's why in the past I decided to switch the place I was putting the information about why did to Github and also, take benefit of practicing markdown for (...)

Filtering email with imapfilter

Viernes 28 de agosto de 2015
Since some time ago, email filter management was not scaling for me as I was using server-side filtering, I had to deal with the web-based interface which was missing some elements like drag&drop reordering of rules, cloning, etc. As I was already using offlineimap to sync from the remote (...)

RHEV-M with nested VM for OSP

Viernes 17 de julio de 2015
Since some time ago, I've been mostly dealing with OpenStack, requiring different releases to test for different tests, etc. Virtualization, as provided by KVM requires some CPU flags to get accelerated operations, vmx and svm depending on your processor architecture, but, of course, this is (...)

Writing a bot in Python

Viernes 26 de junio de 2015
Hi, recently announced the support for writing bots for their platform, by providing details at I was missing for a long time the ability to get a count on karma like we've on irc servers, so I started with it. My first try is published at github (...)

Intel AMT on Linux for remote control/fencing

Viernes 1ro de mayo de 2015
Hi, Some time ago, and after discussing with a colleague, I had a look on Intel's AMT, and this week I demoed it for another colleague as a cheap-replacement for having power fencing capabilities on commodity hardware. AMT provides a server-like Out of band management like iLO, iDrac, RSB etc (...)

Migrate SPIP-RSS post feed to HTML

Miércoles 1ro de abril de 2015
I had my old blog based on SPIP, and I wanted to keep all the posts together, to make it easier to migrate in the future. Initially, I migrated my posts from blogger, where there's an option to export the contents and some plugins to allow easier importing to markdown files (to be used by (...)